10 endangered rare fish in the world

The rarest fish in the world – here are the ten rarest fishes in the world you should see. Some of these fish include the largest and most expensive fish in the world.

1. Halibut

Halibut is a fish that has a flattened body shape. This halibut is found in the northern Atlantic Ocean and the Pacific Ocean.

Halibut is a type of fish that belongs to big fish. Halibut fish size can reach a size of 2 meters and weighs 200 kg.

Halibut has considerable nutritional content, including vitamin A and vitamin D. This is what causes the hunt to be increased and listed as endangered species.

2. Sturgeon

Sturgeon fish is a type of fish that has the oldest reinforced body that is still alive today. The sturgeon fish lived on lakes, rivers, and beaches in subtropical areas.

Sturgeon fish have a long body and have a very small amount of scales. The size of the sturgeon fish can reach 2 – 5.5 m.

Some types of sturgeon fish are harvested to be taken in eggs, which are used as precious luxury food if used as the subject of breeding fish.

Because fish growth is very slow in developing, this fish is very vulnerable to exploitation that causes sturgeon fish to be listed as an endangered species of fish.

3. Redfish Acadian

Redfish Acadian is a fish that lives in the deep sea. The Red Fish Acadian is found in the Atlantic Ocean and lives in depth between 70 – 500 m.

The Red Fish Acadian has a reddish-orange color and can live up to 50 years or more. These fish eat a variety of mollusks, crustaceans, and small fishes.

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Very slow growth inbreeding caused this species of fish to be endangered. In addition, this fish is often the victim of other large fish.

4. Atlantic Bluefin Tuna

Bluefin tuna is a species of tuna that weighs 500 kg. Bluefin tuna is a type of tuna whose original habitat is in the Western and Eastern Atlantic Oceans.

Bluefin tuna fish is a type of fish that has a very high selling price. This very high selling price causes the bluefin tuna fish in the massive exploitation. Such activity threatens the population of bluefin tuna fish in its natural habitat.

5. Maltase Ray

Ray Maltase is a fish living in the Mediterranean Sea in the coastal waters of Tunisia, Malta, Italy, and Algeria. Ray Maltase fish is an endangered species of fish.

The main factors that cause this fish to be endangered are due to human activities, such as fishing by a net. In addition, the decline in fish populations is slow to respond to local governments. Thus making Ray maltase fish listed as an endangered animal.

6. Goliath Grouper

The Goliath Grouper is a saltwater fish derived from a species of groin fish. The fish’s native Habitat sits in shallow tropical waters including the Bahamas, the Brazilian Karibiam and Florida.

The size of the Goliath grouper fish can reach 2.5 m and body weight 360 kg. This fish is endangered because of a massive hunt by humans. This fish meat is very good and tender and has a very high selling price.

7. European eel

The European Eel is an Eel species whose life history became a mystery centuries. Unlike fish in general, Eel started his life cycle at sea and spent most of his life in freshwater.

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European Eels return to the sea to lay eggs and then die. The species is endangered by parasites, migration barriers, and natural change factors.

Moreover, the breeding of European eel is very difficult. Because generally, the eel is only able to produce after swimming with a distance of 6,500 km.

8. Bocaccio Rockfish

Bocaccio Rockfish is one of the endangered fish. This fish can be found in California. Bocaccio rockfish live in various depths, but many live at a depth of 150 – 1,000 feet.

Bocaccio Rockfish is one of the largest Rockfish and can grow up to 3 feet. This fish is also able to survive until 45 years.

This fish is endangered as a result of excessive arrest carried out by commercial fisheries.

9. Winter Skate

Winter Skate has a thin body and a sleek tail. Winter skate is one species that has a larger size than the Canadian skate.

Winter skate lives on sand or gravel and usually is at depths of 111 m. This type of fish is endangered because of the excessive exploitation done by commercial fisheries.

10. Orange Roughy

Orange Roughy is one of the endangered fish. This is due to excessive exploitation by humans.

In addition, fish growth is also very slow. It is susceptible to overfishing, which causes the population to decline.


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