A Porsche Panamera With Swangas Exists for the Sole Reason of Infuriating You

In fact, Slabs are so popular that more car owners seem to be itching to get in on the game. Usually, the cars used to make Slabs are cheaper, older American models, decked out in candy paint, fitted with the best and loudest audio systems, and proudly displaying wire wheels, aka Swangas.

Slab is believed to be a reference to Slow, Low and Bangin’ or Slow, Loud and Bangin’, and for a car to be a Slab, it has to meet all these criteria mentioned above. That is to say, it’s not a Slab if it has only Swangas, just like it’s not a Slab if it’s only loud or only slow.

By this definition, this first-generation Porsche Panamera modded with Swangas is not a Slab. What it is, instead, is a major eyesore and the laughing stock of the Internet, after a short video featuring it went viral on reddit. See it in all its glory below. 

Porsches, even the occasionally-mocked Panamera, are seen as the epitome of elegance, speed and precision. A Slab is anything but, and it is so by design. Putting the two together makes no sense, so why anyone would do this on purpose is baffling even to those who don’t think Swangas should be made illegal because they’re too dangerous on the public roads.

The sight of this wannabe-Slab Panamera has prompted heated reactions, from calls of “burn it with fire!” to more offensive statements about the IQ of the owner, and jokes about how this is a Porsche’s way of social-distancing.

At the end of the day, sure, a car is the owner’s to do as they like. But isn’t it a shame when someone ruins it by trying to make it into something it’s not, because they clearly have no understanding of what it should be?

Quite shitty from r/Shitty_Car_Mods

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