Caught on cam: Women wrestle over face mask on American Airlines flight to Charlotte

By Nia Harden, WRAL reporter

Charlotte, N.C. — A video posted on Twitter of two women wrestling on an American Airlines flight from Las Vegas to Charlotte is raising eyebrows.

The dramatic moment was captured by another passenger while the plane was still on the ground.

American Airlines released a statement, saying the passenger refused to wear a mask, and when she was asked to leave the plane she got disruptive.


The airline’s mask policy says customers who refuse to wear a face covering can be denied future travel until the pandemic is over.

CNN on Wednesday posted the results of a new study, which shows that if everyone is wearing a mask, the risk of contracting the virus on a full flight is just 1 in 4,300. The odds lower to 1 in 7,700 if the airline leaves middle seats open.

This is not the first time arguments over face masks have turned violent. The Associated Press reports a Michigan man was shot dead by police last month after stabbing a customer in a dispute over not wearing a face mask in a store.

Raleigh-Durham International Airport recently posted on their own Twitter page that it’s a requirement to wear a mask inside the airport.


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