GCB: Casino restaurants may reopen during Phase 1 if requirements are met

by: Carolyn Williams

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LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — Licensed gaming properties may reopen their restaurants during Phase 1 if they meet all requirements set forth by the Nevada Gaming Control Board (GCB).

In a notice to gaming licensees, the GCB said restaurants in these casinos may open if they:

  • Comply with requirements of food establishments in Gov. Steve Sisolak’s ‘Roadmap to Recovery for Nevada’
  • Gaming licensee must confirm with GCB whether there is separate entrance for the restaurant, apart from entrances to the establishment via the gaming floor
    • If there is not a separate entrance, the licensee must tell the board how patrons will enter the eatery through the property in a way that does not have them cross gaming floors
  • If a restaurant does not have a restroom, licensee must tell the board how patrons will access restrooms in the casino without crossing gaming floors
  • Licensee must confirm compliance with directives or orders issued by its county commission or health district regarding more restrictive reopening measures
  • Licensees looking to open restaurants in counties with populations of 100,000+ must provide board with a plan to prevent customers from congregating outside

The board says licensees should send these confirmations or requirements to before reopening their restaurant(s).

GCB also noted licensees that decide to partially open a restaurant must also meet these requirements.

Of note, requirements and restrictions may change pending new data received about the spread of COVID-19.

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