How to Make Italian Bellini Cocktail

Let’s celebrate this Memorial Day with one of these
fruity and frizzy, white peach Bellini cocktails

Happy Memorial Day weekend!

Now it’s the perfect time to take out your chilled fancy glasses and start the weekend celebration with a delicious sparkling cocktails. After all, there’s nothing like a refreshing and boozy drink to get the party started and kick off the summer season.
This Italian cocktail, originally created by Cipriani and named after the famous Venetian artist Jacopo Bellini, is an incredibly easy, yet fancy-sounding drink that will add some fun and sparkle to your weekend plans. Simply perfect for relaxing by the pool, or sipping while flipping those patties on your grill. 

This recipe is ready in a snap. All you need are some ripe and flavorful white peaches, and some (not necessarily expensive) Prosecco Italian wine. For each part of pureed peach, you need two parts of wine. And please note, no ice goes into this cocktail, so make sure to chill your glasses, the wine and the peaches.

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YIELD: 2 servings
    • 1 large white peach (or two small), ripe and refrigerated
    • 1 cup of Prosecco wine (Italian sparkling wine), refrigerated
    • 1 teaspoon of lemon juice
    • 1/2 teaspoon of sugar (optional)


TIME: 5 minutes
Peel the peach and remove the pit. Cut in pieces, and blend together with the lemon juice and sugar (if using). My peach was really ripe and flavorful, so I didn’t add any sugar. Make sure the peaches are cold, or refrigerate for an hour.

Divide the pureed peach and pour into two chilled glasses. It should fill about 1/3 of the glass.
Slowly top with cold sparkling wine. Stir once if necessary.
Decorate the glass with a peach slice if you’d like (I like to keep the peel on the peach for decoration).
And enjoy!

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