Spirit implements furloughs, extends suspension of work on Boeing programs


Updated: Mon 11:39 PM, Apr 06, 2020

WICHITA, Kan. (KWCH) Spirit AeroSystems Monday announced plans to extend suspension of work on Boeing commercial programs at its sites in Wichita, Tulsa, McAlester and San Antonio, and to implement temporary, unpaid furloughs.

This comes after Boeing’s announcement of its plans to indefinitely extend suspension of production at its sites in Washington state.

“To address the financial challenges presented by Boeing’s continued suspension, Spirit is implementing temporary workforce furloughs at these sites,” the company says.”…These actions are being taken as a means to lessen the impact of the Boeing suspension and to keep the workforce in place for the future. The company continues to work with customers to gain visibility on the re-start of production and expected future production rates.”

Workforce actions Spirit is taking :

• Managers and hourly employees in Wichita and San Antonio directly associated with production work on a Boeing commercial program will be placed on a 21-calendar-day, unpaid temporary layoff/furlough effective Wednesday, April 8.

• All Tulsa and McAlester employees will be placed on a 21 calendar day unpaid temporary layoff/furlough effective Wednesday, April 8*.

• All other non-represented and represented salary employees in Wichita will begin four-day work weeks effective Friday, April 10 until further notice.

• All U.S based executives and Spirit’s Board of Directors will take a 20% reduction in pay until further notice.

“We will address executives outside the U.S. according to local laws and statutory requirements,” the company says.

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Spirit says although employees are unpaid, benefits including healthcare will continue for the 21 days.

The company says it will continue to operate as it has since the announcement of the suspension on the following:

• Operations in support of its defense customers, Airbus and other growth programs will continue with those employees working their regular schedules.

• Employees working on the 787 Program and those called back for other work on-site in support of special projects.

• Employees who have been working from home should continue to do so.

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