These Weird Gifts Are Perfect For The Weirdest Mother’s Day Ever

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It’s not easy to celebrate Mother’s Day during a pandemic, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try.

Your mother gave you life — and while stay-home orders may keep you from seeing her in person, you can still show her that you’re thinking of her.

Meanwhile, she can wonder what you were thinking when you gave her that wearable reproduction of Kim Kardashian’s butt.

In that case, social distancing may not be a bad thing. 

  • Admit it: Last year, the thought of giving mom <a href=” itemprop=”image” src=””>

  • Bring Mom's dream to life with <a href=this wearable reproduction of Kim Kardashian'” itemprop=”image” src=””>

  • Your mom will surely find

  • Did your mom say she wanted to use her time in self-isolation to finally learn a musical instrument? Yeah, we know how that w

  • Those trees in the back aren't going to cut themselves. Luckily, this <a href=

  • If your mom's TV habits are split between cooking shows and true crime documentaries, t<a href=

  • Sure, Mom will love wearing this stylish kimono around the house, pool or backyard. However, it's also utilitarian – it

  • Your mom probably has a lot of stuff, and frankly, it's a hassle carting it around. Luckily, <a href=

  • Does your mom's wine goes bad before she can finish the bottle? Well, that's quite a pickle. So, fittingly, why not give her

  • At this point, it probably doesn't make sense for mom to wear her best jewelry when she's only in leggings and T-shirts &mdas

  • Perfume always makes good

  • <a href=A purse that looks like a bi” itemprop=”image” src=””>

  • <a href=

  • Sure, <a href=pasties ” itemprop=”image” src=””>

  • Is your mom stuck at home alone? It can be hard to live without seeing a friendly face, so maybe a few <a href=

  • Just because your mom probably shouldn't have visitors doesn't mean she can't pretend to welcome guests. This

  • If the past few months of living indoors has made you forget the purpose of shoes, you're not alone. Still, if your mom is ne

  • If your mom does decide to take a walk, it's important to carry ID and maybe some money. But pants and jacket pockets are so,

  • Has staying at home inspired mom to tackle baking? Well, butter and bread are a natural combination — especially if Mom

  • Mom may need a little buzz to get through these times, but if alcohol isn't her thing, she can try <a href=

  • Is self-isolation rubbing Mom the wrong way? Well, these<a href=

  • If you can't give your mom a kiss on Mother's Day, maybe you can give her a <a href=

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