THEY RAID BY NIGHT | Lyle Talbot | Full Length War Movie | English | HD | 720p

The British Commandos send Bob Owen to Norway to prepare for a raid. His mission also includes freeing General Heden who is being held by the Germans. His aides include Eric Falken and Harry. Inga, a Norwegian girl to whom Falken was once engaged but who has become the sweetheart of Oberst Von Ritter (Victor Varconi), betrays their hiding place.
Lyle Talbot – Capt. Robert Owen
June Duprez – Inga Beckering
Victor Varconi – Col. Otto von Ritter
George N. Neise – Lt. Erik Falken
Charley Rogers – Sgt. Harry Hall

10:37, 27:37, 45:19, 1:00:03


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